Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WitchCraft & Wizardry School!

There are times when I'm sad Julia can't read yet (like this week when I've lost my voice but all she can think is Goblet of Fire) and times when I'm pretty glad.
If she could read she might insist we go to this  Wizarding School
(we could stay in a room that Daniel Radcliffe stayed in )
In a perfect world  we'd take the whole family on the London/Scotland trip.  Personally I think I would totally love the Hogwarts banquet at the Edinburgh Castle.  And a Herbology Lesson in The Old Operating Theatre...Sadly the Wizarding Game (Quidditch?) is land-based but you can't have everything.
The lovely thing about this one is we end in Edinburgh, only a few short hours away from visiting Aunt Miriam (who, good aunt that she is, has now read the entire series in the last few months and I believe has been swept up by the magic as well).
The lower-rent option might be one of these Harry Potter tours in London
or perhaps just a jaunt on the Hogwarts Express?
All right, a striking writer girl can dream, can't she?
Or does anyone need to employ above striking writer girl with Harry Potter obsessed 5 year old to be a non-striking travel writer?

(by the way, what I totally dig about the picture above, swiped from Flying with Harry by Travelogger is finding out that the railway station from the Harry Potter Books - London's King Cross Station - now has this luggage cart jammed halfway into the wall at where platform 9 3/4 would be). 

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