Thursday, January 3, 2008

perhaps addiction...I mean obsession runs in the family...

Sleeping in the next room is my incredibly delightful 13 year old niece, JL ( visiting) and Julia. They should be exhausted - they've spent the last twenty-four hours spinning tales as Ginny (Julia) and Hermione (JL), also doing other HP characters, using the insanely cool Dumbledore's army action figures I got Julia for Chanukah (more on the great lengths and quasi- overindulgent Harry Potter gifts I got for Julia in another post).

In the car on the ride home from Pasadena I was dying for a video camera or at least a tape recorder as they spun tales of Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny with British accents (JL's is killer and Julia's is just damn cute.)

BTW - JL wants to marry Ron and Julia wants marry Harry so it all works out without a cousin catfight.

And I think - aren't we lucky to have something like this addiction/obsession that crossses the generations? I mean, how many 5 year olds and 13 year olds can love the same thing with such an equal passion (and have it be something also beloved by her Mom and her aunt who recently read them and evidently my cousin Steven in Philly who listens to the books on tape over and over again?)?

So perhaps Harry Potter addiction/obsession runs in the family? Is there a genetic component? Will, some day, a 12 step program be necessary??

But right now there are two sleeping girls in the next room - visions of broomsticks and Potters and Weasleys in their heads.

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