Tuesday, January 8, 2008

a mom's dilemma or how to teach your daughter some kind of feminism rather than a cosmo-kill-the-bitch-who-stole-my-man ethos

Julia used to want to be Ginny Weasley. Seriously, it was her Halloween costume, red wig and Hogwarts robe, though she was disappointed that those not in the know assumed she was Hermione. So first she wanted to be Ginny Weasley.

Then she wanted Ginny Weasley...well...terminated.

You see she got mad at Ginny because Ginny marries Harry (remember I didn't spill all the plotpoints to Julia, a school friend did - we're still on the prepubescent first pages of book 4...and it does make me wonder, what happens when a wizard has a wet dream?...ok, I digress...but really, what happens?).

So Ginny marries Harry and Julia hated her guts because she stole her wizard (man....teenager...you get my drift.) And I'm trying to imbue her with some feminist zen about how she shouldn't be mad at Ginny for marrying Harry....if anything perhaps to be mad at Harry for falling for Ginny (not that you could really call this any kind of betrayal because fictional wizard boy does not even know that this five year old exists and he's too old for her anyway).

I'm working on this here. I've always hated women for hating women more for "stealing" their man than the man who allowed himself to be stolen himself. (Full disclosure - I've been on the hated side while the woman took the man who came after me while dating her back, and then badmouthed me to the universe. Hello! He's the one who claimed he was breaking up with you and I was an idiot - with no promises made to you - but he was more of an idiot with promises made to you and now you're back together with him and I'm the bad guy????). Anyway, I'm explaining to her about being kind to other women, especially those who are with a guy you're interested in which is OK if they didn't know you were interested (read obsessed). So maybe be disgruntled with Harry because he hasn't recognized that the two of you are really soulmates but leave the other chick alone.

A moment or two of digesting this in the back seat.

Julia: But Mom - Harry is famous so I shouldn't be mad at him because he is more famous.

Have I mentioned we live in LA?

BTW - stumbled across the free downloadable posters on the Scholastic Site - note the lower left hand corner, Harry under Cupid's cloud with what looks like Cho Chang. We printed the Order of the Phoenix one out tonight and Julia pointed at Cho and said "Mommy, can I pretend this is me?"

Go to scholastic and download some - they're awfully cute but I can't seem to post them here.

And now she just claimed Cho Chang looks like her in the picture...oh....

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