Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the magical mood-altering effects of Harry Potter

preface part one: E. is the son of friends of ours we hold responsible for Mike and me having gotten together (another story) . And when Julia was a baby and he was three he would kiss her feet in her infant car seat. OK - so this is that horrible thing parents do, "that, wouldn't it be cool if they get together some day" or "it is inevitable that one of them will break the other one's heart at some point." And even though E's younger brother M is closer in age to Julia, E and J definitely have an affinity for each other.

preface part two: today, in the car on the way to school, Julia announces that her bad moods can be cured by looking at a picture of Harry Potter (this discovered, evidently on a car ride with Daddy the other day).

the conversation:

Me: so I should just carry around a picture of Harry Potter with me all the time to take you out of your bad mood?

Julia: Yeah. I like to kiss Harry. I used E. for Harry Potter the other day.

Me: (contemplating the word "used") You kissed E.?

Julia: Yes. He looks a little like Harry. And I tried to draw a scar on his forehead with orange marker.

ps - for my birthday this morning Julia gave me a gift card to Borders - to feed my addiction - a Harry Potter gift card, thus feeding her addiction.

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