Thursday, December 20, 2007

Goblet of Fire petition...or, my kid, the forger

So Julia really wants to read Book Four - Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. First I was holding off because I remembered it as the scary book (Cedric dying and all) and then I said I wanted to re-read it before I read it to her. So I reread Goblet of Fire. Then I reread book 5 and book 6 (not in that order - really I re-read Deathly Hallows because I only skimmed it last summer and then lent it to my dad who lost it (how you can lose a twenty pound book is beyond me ) and then I read 4, then 6, then 5 which challenged my mommy brain which was good because I was flat on my back in back spasm and my brain was the only thing that was functioning without pain.). And I've been dragging my feet on Goblet of Fire - reading book 3 again (and again) hoping for a few more months of maturity. This is all helped by the fact that W. (Julia's cool friend from kindergarten, more on him later) has had all the books read to him and has disclosed key plot elements. I think this is good - less of a surprise but still I've been putting it off.

Last week, while my mother-in-law was here - Julia conned her into signing a piece of paper before telling her that it was a petition for me to let her read book 4. Then she tried to get me and Mike to sign it. When that didn't work, she "signed" it for us. A whole new career in the offing! Harry Potter petitions leading to school absentee notes leading to check kiting and identity theft. Of course at the time I couldn't stop laughing.

We're heading to NYC tomorrow and I bought a paperback copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to may end up being our whole trip.

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Kathy said...

Julia is brilliant. And clever. (Overlapping but very separate things.) I plan to seek her advice when I need to get something I want that's been refused to me. :)