Sunday, March 16, 2008

You might be thinking -

- that since I haven't posted in a few weeks the Harry obsession has waned. But no - despite my getting mired in a business trip to Chicago and a very very intense web series shoot, much of which took place in my own home - the "I wanna be Mrs. Harry Potter" cry has not diminished at all. You saw the report card (progress report? Whatever they call those things in progressive developmental private schools).

The other night was the war of her crying that we had to start reading her book 5 NOW! Which I wouldn't. Little does she know that we bought a paperback copy to take on our flight to London on Wednesday. London, where we will be immersed in Muggle England with the hope of seeing some witches and wizards amongst the crowds.

This is how contagious Julia's obsession is - it turns out that a friend knew Daniel Radcliffe's mom long ago - she mentions it in passing and all I can think is that if I could have her meet him I would be the coolest mom ever. Something I would never do probably even if I had the chance to have her do it because I do know he's a person and an actor and not HP himself (Julia blurs that distinction) but for a moment I really really want to be the coolest mom ever.

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