Friday, March 21, 2008

julia's magical weather

Today - after soaring through the sky on the London Eye, being knighted by a silver Dumbledore, riding the carousel and going to the Globe - where we saw a cool actress chick learning to stage-fight from her fellows, mesmerzing J - and then touring the Globe (sidebar - Julia asked the best questions of the group if I say so in the proud mommy way myself - querying the guide as to what would happen to the not royalty folks if they wore the royal purple or red (fined!) or if the canon that started the London fire was still in the room above the stage (no)) - we crossed the Thames by way of the millenium footbridge.

As we walked over the bridge the skies darkened and winds kicked up, grey clouds rolled in. I told Julia the Dementors must be around. She braved the winds and let out a cry over the river - Expecto Patronum. Expecto Patronum. I could swear I saw a bit of the sun peek through.

Then three minutes later it started to HAIL!!! Some powers my kid has!

P.S. our hotel - not the swanky Marriott - but the unswanky but totally fine Premier Inn is right behind the London Eye, really couldn't get a better location for a better price!

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