Wednesday, November 19, 2008

back into the deathly hallows

so, we were on hiatus, not just with the starting of 1st grade at pre-Hogwarts, but J discovered a new treasure -  THE BORROWERS - and since she's been getting them out of the library, Harry had been stuck wandering the woods with Ron and Hermione far longer than he would have otherwise.   Part of it, I think, is that she really doesn't want the series to end so we're stretching it out.  There's been plenty of listening to earlier books on CD (ahhh the dulcet sounds of Jim Dale, fantastic, even if I think his Hermione is a touch too shrill/whiney) on drives for apple picking or just for school.  But now we've re-entered the Deathly Hallows and like any true addict, one little taste and little J was begging for more.

So we're back.  But let me tell you about the delightfulness of THE BORROWERS, the series set in the early part of the 1900s about the little people who live among us and steal (excuse me, "borrow") our possessions for their own use.   It's become J's fantasy - every time something goes missing (like where the hell are those pink American Girl pajamas?  curtains in a little family's room?)  Or what would the borrowers use this object for?  At PopPop's apartment she even left objects out for them to take.  

But still the love for Harry prevails.  As  I read to her tonight she gazed at her wall of HP pinups -  THREE different calendars, a cover of a magazine, little cake HP figures...aahhhh young love.

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