Saturday, August 2, 2008

oh the sadness of the end being nigh....

We finished book six a couple of weeks ago and I've been holding off on book 7, primarily because we're going to be travelling and it's not out in paperback yet and I'm not lugging the tome in my "now we pay an extra $15 dollars" luggage around New York, Long Island and Cleveland (annual visit the family summer festivities) as much as I love bringing HP with me on trips because I know it's good reading material for us both.

This morning Julia sat on the couch with me. " I don't want book 7 to be the last book". Yeah,Link neither did a zillion other folks. She has fantasies that Rowling will come to her senses and write a book 8 or 9 or 21.

I did not tell her I pre-ordered Beedle the Bard on Amazon. Couldn't help myself, the email came and I clicked the link and realize now I have at least one Hannukah present taken care of. Though without Harry, I'm not certain of its appeal. And no, I did not succumb to the collectors edition.


Gentle Reader said...

Oh, good, I'm glad you didn't succumb to the collector's edition. I've been hovering over the "buy with 1-click" button for Beetle the Bard but am somehow worried I'll be missing out if I don't get the collectors'. You've swayed me, I believe I'll click on the regular version...thanks!

Karen said...

I've been holding off on Beedle . . .I went through 18 months in which my daughter read Harry Potter and only Harry Potter. She had copies of various Harry Potter books in every room in the house. . .just in case she felt the urge. . .It was a wild ride.