Monday, April 21, 2008

experiencing operating difficulties?

OK - I've posted a couple of times since our return from the Harry Potter tour of the century but somehow I must have screwed up and not pressed the publish button? So - postings lost to the ether....never to be recovered. I assure you that they were my most insightful, most brilliant yet.

So the jet lag is way over, the shortbreads are consumed, the tartan hat worn to school with pride, and we are into the depths of book 5. I am also getting harassed daily by my lovely daughter to let her watch the movies already, even though she gets scared at scenes in Stuart Little. She tries to force pinky promises on me (damn that hurts) and has no sense yet that deals and bargains actually have to be entered into by both parties.

Yesterday she grabbed her quill (yes, I bought her a quill in London) and paper to write her essays for Transfiguration and Divination and Potions in the car on the way to seder. Then she got upset at how many essays she had to do for school and told us that first year Gryffindor students had special dispensation to have their parents write their essays for the.

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