Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Child as the Chosen One ---

You never want to get your kid's hopes up too much but aren't glad when their wishes are granted?

We went back to Ollivander's in the evening as Mike headed elsewhere in the park, and every ounce of her being was quivering with the intention of being chosen. I tried to tell her not to get her heart set on it but I knew it was -

Wizard that he is, he felt it.

Ollivander spotted her as he descended his staircase and picked her out of the crowd. She was radiant and starstruck and seized the wand he offered with zeal -

She tried to water his flowers and they wilted....

but finally he found the right one....

which, of course, even though I vowed that we weren't buying a wand (since she has Ginny's wand at home) we had to get...

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