Thursday, March 17, 2011

un-imaginary lands....

This is one of those parental dilemmas -

When do you say it's not real? And you know who I'm talking about (think yearly holidays and gap-toothed smiles and visitations in the nights bringing money and gifts). I think M killed the tooth fairy this morning, along with leprechauns, when J figured out her leprechaun note was in his handwriting (Note this is the first year she's put out anything for leprechauns, a tradition I'd never heard of before). Evidently there were tears....

There were tears the other day in the car too. A long day at school and an assignment to write about some place you want to go. I suggest place after place to no avail.

"I want to write about some place imaginary" she says

"Write about Hogwarts" says I

"But Hogwarts is REAL."

I shut up and drive on.

Which of us did the right thing?

Only just over two years 'til she gets her letter of admission....

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