Friday, January 28, 2011

I thought I blogged about that -

I'm behind - what a surprise -

It's not as if the past months the love for Harry has waned. There was the Harry Potter magical birthday party at Los Angeles' fantastic Whimsic Alley in June. There was our partially-censored mommy-daughter screening of Daniel Radcliffe on the Actors Studio. There was the turning on of a new HP devoted five year old in our lives to Whimsic (and therefore making her dad the man of the hour bringing her there to WIN their halloween contest).

There's the fact that the kids in J's class are finally reading Harry Potter and joining the general obsession themselves.

You'd think that would be cause for joy, right? Until now Julia's friend in Potter obsession has been just her pal Will (and 16 year old cousin). But no - after years of wanting other people to understand the love, she's not so down with the love. Why does everyone like Harry now? is the question. And a bit of possession - the girl is not liking sharing her magical world. Not a lot of respect for those coming late to the table.

Doesn't stop her from enjoying the Dumbledore's Army of Wall Art she got for Chanukah though.

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