Thursday, August 13, 2009

A sweet memory amongst the receipts

I'm getting audited. Yes, audited. Because the IRS really has nothing better to do with their time - like find other Madoffs - and I have nothing better to do with my time - like write a new play.

So 2007 - it was year of productions, workshops, writing, writing and writing and constant sinus infections. At least that's what I've got so far, reviewing my calendar up to May 10th, 2007, where I see I wrote this in an email to a friend:

So I read Julia the first chapter of Harry Potter last night. She woke up at 630 this morning and wanted me to read her more (I got her back to sleep). Then we had a babysitter tonight, right after I read her another chapter. She was crying when I left so Kat asked her if she wanted her to read her more HP and Julia said yes. And that's what they did all night - she read her up to page 140! An addict is born.

Just as I found this I heard Mike saying to Julia - "you said you were just going to put that in the living room, you did not say you were going to put back on your ipod and listen to Harry Potter". (Book 6 by the way, and a hot pink shuffle)

The addiction continues....

(if I could I would tell you about a little contribution I indirectly made to the next film today, but I can't)

And, by the way, in a discussion about Heaven and Hell and who gets to go where, Julia asked me if Madoff is going to Hell. Any thoughts on that?

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