Monday, May 11, 2009

Living Harry - a field trip to EA block party

I've been in insane back pain for the last few months and no matter how many spells Julia tries, it just isn't healing as fast as I would like - where is Madame Pomfrey when I need her?

So our quiet apartment has been more filled with dulcet tones of Jim Dale reading to Julia for hours off of CD (I've been dumped!) and yes she's seen movie 1, 2, and last night for mother's day, 3 - Azkaban. The DVD player on select nights when I can't get off the bed and we need some mommy julia time is a godsend.

Now I must have seen Azkaban before - I know I have - but Julia was two then and my mommy brain must have hidden it away, so I was equally mesmerized, but not hiding under the covers at the Dementors like some little one. I have to say that she might have been scared but she wouldn't let me turn it off. Harry Potter is her crack.

And as a special special treat we were invited to Electronic Arts Summer Block Party on Friday. This is where they show off the new games that are out or about to come out for the Wii. And the new Harry Potter game was on display - not even all of it - just the dueling and the seeking and the potion making but holy crap was it fantastic. It was all Julia played with the whole time we were there (except for a side trip to the ice cream bar) - and even I got hooked on the Quidditch. Seriously, it's like you're flying. When this comes out it'll be extraordinary - you'll be able to walk through Hogwarts...all without leaving the comfort of my bed, which on some days is totally where I am all the time.

And Julia was wearing her I heart Harry Potter shirt which was the hit of the party...

It does make me wonder sometimes, how my fanciful little witch who still wants to go off to Hogwarts at 11 is going to grow up. Will she still see the world as a magical place when she's a teenager? Will she still escape by listening to Jim Dale? Will she only marry a man with dark floppy hair, a lightening bolt scar and the ability to enchant? Have I ruined her by introducing her to this alternate world or have I just nurtured her inner essence?...

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