Monday, May 26, 2008

a very harry potter birthday

So the birthday fast approaches (June 4) and yesterday we pulled out all the stops and threw Julia's birthday party - very appropriately a Harry Potter Dark Art Party - because she loves HP and she loves art. Pals were asked to wear magical clothes and they started off at this amazing place in west la - Creative Space - where there was tatooing and nail painting and wandmaking and potion making and wizarding class and a seemingly accident waiting to happen obstacle course that I was sure someone would break their neck during so I was glad we ruled out little kids and Quidditch (which turned more into dodgeball with those floatie noodle things between their legs) and the very Muggle snack of juice boxes and pizza - and, of course, CAKE!

I got a "best mommy in the world" when we picked up the cake (thank you Ralphs) - wish I'd had the time and energy to be Martha and make it myself but this made her happier than any I could come up with I'm sure. I can just picture now the gloppy purple dyed icing falling over wizard hat cake that would have come out of my kitchen - all vomity and unappetizing.

The "best kid in the world" part - Julia asked her friends to bring a new book instead of a present for her and she's donating all of them to Operation Schoolbell tomorrow after school. At one point I thought she was going to ask everyone to bring a Harry Potter book to donate but she let them pick their own - funny thing, not one person brought a Harry Potter book to donate (from Fancy Nancy to Chronicles of Narnia and a wide range in between!).

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