Monday, February 4, 2008

Double Happiness

Thursday night Julia complained about something hard in her tasty pasta at Swingers where we were enjoying the free meal anonymous-actor-guy-who-everyone-claims-to-know has offered up to the striking WGA writers (as a matter of fact, we made friends with the striking family in the next booth) - Anyway - the hard thing, apparently was not a reason to call the health department about a violation but was her second tooth...which passed down her esophagus before we realized what was happening. The news she'd swallowed her tooth made her burst into tears into I assured her the Tooth Fairy would still visit. She cheered up enough at the writing of the above letter (translation: I don't know why I swallowed my tooth but it's the truth) - and yes, her dollar was under her pillow in the morning.

Double Happiness - that night we read the last few words of Goblet of Fire...ahh the blessed "The End". The chapter at night is always followed by the cries of "One More Page"...after the end of Goblet of Fire she cried "One More Book!"

I'm holding off - she wants to go back into Goblet of Fire again but Mommy Needs A Breather!

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